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What is Cineflow?


Cineflow is a concept I developped for my art films, that emphasizes the use of fluid, uninterrupted transforming shots to create a sense of poetry and beauty in the visual storytelling. The idea is to create scenes or sequences, without any cuts or edits, to create a sense of continuety and immersion for the viewer. This approach is used in my art films, where the focus is on capturing the essence of a moment, witch is totaly different than a traditional narrative structure. The goal of Cineflow is to create a sense of flow and continuity in the film, allowing the viewer to fully engage with the scene and feel a deeper connection to the combination of images and the story being told.

Examples of this concept can be seen in my films Sakura, Solstice, Falling, Ephémère and Prélude à la Lune.

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